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Advice For Catholic Men in Dating

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catholic men in datingIf you are a Catholic man who is interested to give Catholic dating a try, there are some important pieces of advice that you have to keep in mind to guarantee your success.

Take the Lead

With Catholic dating, it is important to be comfortable in taking the lead in relationships. Of course, you don’t do this in a domineering or bossy sort of way but instead, in a confident, cheerful and kind way. This is because women are going to lose hope and choose to move on when the relationship doesn’t go anywhere. Most Catholic girls rely on a man to take the lead or initiative.

When you are clear on your intention to be married, it is a must that you are serious about the direction of your life and your relationship goals. Nudge your relationship forward when it is time and your special woman will love you even more for that.

Go Out There

Smart men can look for opportunities in numerous venues and have the courage to ask women out for a date. If personal social events are not your thing, you can always find good catches online. You can try your luck by joining Catholic dating websites.

You can also get more involved in your parish if there are many singles there. Or better yet, you can try volunteer activities, speed dating or even lectures with receptions. The choices can vary depending on your area but with a bit of creativity, you can find some great options to fit your personality.

Get Your Finances and Career in Order

Men with a mountain of debt will never get the interest of women who dream to have a family. You can only attract a good wife if you have a career path yourself or at least a plan for how you will earn a decent living. Although you might not be the breadwinner, it is a must since women wouldn’t want to enter into a situation where they need to carry the men suffering from severe illnesses or temporary crises after marriage. Always be the strong man that she can depend on and someone who will be able to give her some sense of financial security.

Don’t Take Your Appearance and Health for Granted

Whether it is in Catholic dating or other dating for that matter, women will prioritize a man’s heart, words, and personality. However, they will also take notice of your appearance, especially if there are other guys aside from you. When you meet a woman through Catholic dating website, she can have several dates in a week so it is a must that you give the best first impression. Eat well, exercise, get good sleep and put on new flattering clothes and shoes.

Deal with Emotional Obstacles

Men are not really the kind to deal with emotional stuff but if you happen to have emotional hurts buried deep in your heart that affect your relationship, it is best that you try dealing with them. You might be able to get the most faith-filled and beautiful woman to date you but you might end up losing her with your abusive behavior, reluctance to commit or infantile temper tantrums. No one in this world is perfect and everyone is a work in progress but to become the best version of yourself will make your relationship stronger.