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7 Questions About Catholic Dating a Non-Catholic

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If you are a catholic and dating a non-catholic, there are some questions you should keep in mind and these include the following:

Are You Free to Marry?

Today, there are many wonderful men and women who have been divorced for a lot of times who you may ask for marriage, yet unless their marriage was granted nullity by the Catholic Church, you cannot marry them as well as have this recognized as legitimate. The procedure of having Catholic Church examine whether your previous marriage valid is not hard at all, yet what you like to ensure is that if your person of interest also wants to go through the process to have previous marriage annulled. They might not believe in the process, yet they do not have to because what’s crucial is that you believe in it and they must respect that. If they do not like go through the process, then you should consider this as a red flag.

Are You Closely Related?

Numerous states prohibit intermarriage in close relatives, yet in the case of first cousins you’d need a dispensation from the Church to marry that individual as it’s discouraged strongly.

Are You of Opposite Sex as Myself?

This question may sound ridiculous, yet you never know at present. The Catholic Church believes that marriage as a union between a man and a woman. It doesn’t recognize a civil marriage and a contracted relationship between people of the same sexes. Therefore, if someone undergoes a sex change surgery, you should find it out.

Do You Want to Get Married in Catholic Church or Have Our Marriage Convalidated or Blessed?

If your marriage has not been approved by the Catholic Church, you’re not really married for the church and you could’ve committed a mortal sin through doing so. It isn’t untypical for non-Catholic to not wish to be married in Catholic Church, yet if they’re giving you a tough time about even having this blessed then that’s a red flag.

Do You Want to Get Through RCIA or Catholic Marriage Preparation Classes?

In each Diocese, marriage preparation classes are basically required, regardless if you’re going to be married outside or inside Catholic Church. Oftentimes, several priests recommend that non-Catholic partners take RCIA classes to learn about the faith, whether they want to enter the Church or not as it’s expected that the couple will raise their kids with faith in God.

Are You Baptized?

It’s permissible to marry non-baptized people. You will just need to get a dispensation from the Bishop. A catholic priest won’t be able to marry you, yet he’ll be able to witness the wedding and bless it. Catholic Church teaches that marriage of a Catholic individual to somebody who’s not baptized is blocked by disparity of cult due to the differences of their religion.

There are other crucial questions that should be discussed in a mixed marriage, yet these are non-negotiable ones and the ones that’ll require help from your local bishop or priest to help you resolve.