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Advice for Every Catholic Girl

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Catholic girls lead a different life from other girls of different faith. Below are some of the most important pieces of advice that you have to remember that you can use to make your life happier and better.

Avoid Gossips

Never gossip and try not to pay heed to gossips or else, you will feel terrible afterwards. There are a lot of people, regardless of their faith, who get hurt by these gossips. You hurt yourself, the people you gossip to and the people you gossip about. As they say, you must never talk about the problems or issues of other people unless you have to do something constructive about it or you have a serious reason.

Rein in Your Emotions

While there is nothing wrong with emotions, you must never allow them to control you. Cry if you are sad and vent out your anger in a healthy way. Shout out your happiness if you feel like doing so. The takeaway here is that you must not let your emotion bottle up inside or they will end up exploding later on. You will get a bad rap for it when you could have easily avoided it in the first place.

You have a power of using your emotions for good. There is always a strong woman under an emotion and a much wiser woman after an emotion.

Be Generous

When you speak of being generous, it means that you should not only be generous with the parish but also with your friends, neighbors and even the people that you don’t particularly like. Jesus taught that the Father sends the rain on both bad and good and that people must be perfect in the same way that the heavenly Father is perfect.

Seek Advice

Try to get a spiritual direction. On a good or bad day, there will be a lot of things going on in your heart. And every once in a while, you will need a drama-free and objective advice on how to handle and address these things in you. In this case, you can search for someone trustworthy, like a nun or priest as they have God’s special graces. There are also lay spiritual directors who can give you the advice you need.

Get Off the Scale

Are you bothered every time you gain several pounds on your hips? Remember this: you will never be happy if you obsess over your weight and you feel guilty every time you eat something. Let it go. Of course, you need to stay healthy and a regular exercise and good diet are important to be a balanced and well rounded person. But, just make sure you don’t go overboard to the point that you are stressing out yourself about it. If your weight matters to those people around you, hang out with new people. You are one beautiful person because you are a woman and not just because you have a small waistline.

Wait for the One

This advice will never be complete without discussing about boys. If there is one thing Catholic girls should know, it is that they should wait for the right man God intended for them. Avoid dating just because you don’t want to be lonely. Go out with a man who gives you the respect you deserve. Dating should be a time to understand men better.

The last but not the least, pray. Pray to God and ask for His help to become a better Catholic just as how He wanted.