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Any Rules and Tips for Dating a Catholic Girl?

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dating a Catholic girlDating a Catholic girl can be an exciting, wonderful, intimidating, and sometimes nerve-wracking event all at the same time. Just the mere thought the clothes you should wear can easily send you over the edge. There is also the question of where you will go, who will pay, and how you can survive the common crippling and embarrassing moments.

Below are some tips to ensure that you will have a great time with that beautiful Catholic gal.

Learn the Dance

Dating is similar to dancing. A man should learn how to take the lead and initiate. Ask the girl out, and plan in advance. Showing some initiative early on in your relationship will earn you several cooking points. This will show how you care and that you are interested in the girl enough to plan the date ahead of time.

Unleash Your Creativity

A movie and dinner date kind of night is great, but if you do it every single time, it can get boring and lame. Be creative. Go to the symphony or the zoo. These creative dates don’t have to be expensive. Even a simple stroll in the park can be fun as it keeps the conversation flowing and the time moving.

Ask Some Questions

The secret to a great date is good conversation. Nothing is worse than one person controlling the conversation or an awkward silence. For men, since women like talking about themselves, Catholic or not, use this chance to ask about her likes and interest. It will make her feel cared for.

Don’t Forget the Friendship

Always putting the focus on friendship is the key to a happy and long lasting dating relationship. Try not to make jokes or focusing on the girl’s physical aspects as it is a major turn off. Put your trust in God then place friendship at the center of everything before the romantic.

Set Emotional Boundaries

Avoid sharing too much. Don’t talk about your ex girlfriend or a relative who is in jail right on your first date. It is totally bad news so take your time in unveiling the relationship’s beauty little by little.

Turn Off That Phone

There is nothing more unattractive than having your date pick up calls or send a text during a date. Of course, an emergency is an exception here.

Just Be Yourself and Go with the Flow

As everyone knows, not everything will go perfect on a date, but, by perfectly being you, you can be sure that you will be having the best date of your life. Never try putting on a front, or be someone whom you think you should be. Remember that the person doesn’t want to date an image or idea of you, but the true you. Don’t be shy to tell her that you loved that chick flick you recently saw. This will make you even more endearing to her eyes.

Be patient and honest, and you will easily win that Catholic girl’s heart right away!