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Best Catholic Meet Up Groups Reviews

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Catholics around the globe meet one another in a meet up formed by some people. Every organization formed for catholic meet up has different goal and purpose. If you want to meet other Catholics from the different places, don’t miss any Catholic meet up.

The Catholic Fellowship of NYC

It’s a CYA group or Catholic Young Adult group serving Catholic young adults in their 20s, 30s or 40s. They welcome everyone and their events being spiritual, social, and community oriented are intended to be inspiring and fun. They also hope that people take away a deep sense of unity and camaraderie as they wish to be the bridge in creating new good connections and friendships.

Holy Trinity Parish Community of Roman Catholics (CRC)

It offers a lot of opportunities for community service, social interaction, and spiritual growth on Upper West Side of the city of New York and beyond. It sponsors community forums, retreats, spiritual groups to help maintain, deepen, and develop your faith. They also sponsor some social events to foster relationships and lifelong friendships.

Catholic Singles of Greater Washington

It is a club whose main goal is to bring together the single Catholic professionals who can marry in the church freely so they can meet in Christian context. They do this through sponsoring religious, cultural, social, charity, and sports activities in which they may participate. Membership in this group is free and open for everyone who wants to know more about the club, try some activities, and make more friends. The website of Catholic Singles of Greater Washington is part of their outreach to single Catholics who might not be familiar with their club.

Christian Social Network

They are a ministry of purpose, passion, and principle. They are about believers who like to create a strong bond of friendship and unity. They also believed that working together to be a blessing to everyone can be done through coming together in the spirit of love. They also welcome cultures and all denominations. In spite of the differences of every person, they welcome anyone without any judgment.

NOVA Catholic and Christian Social Club

This group is basically designed to bring the Catholics and some Christians together for fun activities. Generally, this group is created to reach out to individuals in their 30s, 40s, and 50s and above since there are some groups for seniors and young adults. This group is also meant to provide numerous opportunities for everyone to get out of the house and socialize. If along the way, you find you ideal match, then they’ll all toast your good fortune.

DFW Catholic Singles Network

It’s a Catholic lay run organization, which introduces every Catholic man and woman to one another in positive environment. They’re rooted in their common faith, common interests, and positive values. They also cater to single Catholic community. They exist to give opportunities for the Catholic Singles in Dallas to meet and make friends while enjoying spiritual, social, and charitable activities.