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If you are a Catholic, then there is a great chance that dating a Catholic is very important to you. According to some surveys, the vast majority of Catholics are looking to date people from their own faith. This is quite logical because in order for one relationship to grow, you must date like-minded people. Since modern people don’t have enough time to look for dates in a classic way, many of them are using special Catholic dating websites. In this article we will review a website that has become popular among Catholic singles from different places in the world –

What is was created for Catholics looking for all kind of dating – casual, friendship or serious relationships and even marriage. Of course, what attracts people to this website is the fact that they share common values and beliefs of the Catholic faith. The website is designed in a way which provides something for everyone. This is definitely more than a simple dating website.

What does this website offer?

To start with, just like many other Catholic dating sites, offers free registration for every Catholic regardless of their location. In addition, every registered member can use the browse option to check other member’s profile pages. What many people like about it is the simple design that will make even those who are not very experienced with the use of Internet comfortable. There are also some great features that cannot be found elsewhere, but most of them come with paid membership, so it is a good idea to consider paying for this.

If you do a simple search about the Catholics that live in your area through this website, you will probably find out that there aren’t many members connected, but the truth is that all profiles are quality profiles. The possibility of running into a scammer or fake profile is very low because the administrators of this website are constantly checking profiles.

We have mentioned some of the features, but let’s highlight the most important ones. First of all, you can create videos and share them with other members. In addition, you will be able to check other member’s videos. People who want more direct communication can use the instant message system. You should also feel free to use emoticons for communication. They can also use features like profilePro, Tokens, Connect directory, Fav buttons and I am interested feature. The options are virtually limitless.

What are the free features any member can use?

Unfortunately, the only thing that you can do with a free membership is making a basic profile and browsing profiles. In other words, the use of this website will be very limited if you don’t pay for the other features. All the other features we’ve mentioned come with a paid membership.


The monthly fee is about $14 a month. You can also use a 6-month plan ($6.5 a month).


If you are looking for more than a simple Catholic dating site, check Besides making new friends and dating you can use it to get many useful dating tips.