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Catholic Singles Events for Connecting With Other Single Catholics for Fun and Fellowship

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catholic eventJust like other singles, Catholic singles also face struggle when it comes to meeting other singles, whether for the purpose of fellowship, friendship or maybe a serious relationship. Good thing that there are now special websites which cater to all Catholic singles. One of these is none other than Catholic Match. They often hold special events for all single Catholics to help them meet fellow singles and enjoy a fun and exciting experience.

About Catholic Match

Catholic Match is a one of a kind organization which promotes a faith-focused dating as well as marriage. They have successfully matched a lot of Catholic singles for the past 15 years and they have no plans to stop.

It was back in 1999 when the co-founders Brian Barcaro and Jason LaFosse found themselves discussing during a church picnic about the struggles being encountered by single Catholics. They then came to an agreement that there was a clear and immediate need for a healthy community environment wherein single men and women of Catholic faith could gather together with the purpose of finding a potential future partner. Not long after that, they launched their very own dating site, from their apartment in Pittsburgh. Several years later, Jason and Brian teamed up with Mike Lloyd and started their journey in launching

The website has now come a long way. In fact, there are now CatholicMatch events wherein Catholic singles can connect and meet with each other for fellowship and fun through different activities planned by the members themselves.

CatholicMatch Montour Trail Bicycling

Scheduled on the 18th of May, members can join and blend in the fun at the much anticipated National Catholic Singles Conference in Pittsburgh wherein everyone can look forward to a nice bike riding experience. Participants can choose to bring their own bike or they can also rent one on the site.

CatholicMatch Ark Encounter

From May 19 to 21, there will the much awaited event of visiting the life-sized Noah’s Ark that was recently built in Williamstown, Kentucky. Those who want to join this exciting occasion are very much welcome.

CatholicMatch Alpine 2017: Switzerland, Germany and Australia

There are only three places remaining which will be on first come first serve basis for the CatholciMatch Alpine 2017 that will be held on July 16 to 29. The last registration day would be on March 1.

CatholicMatch Arizona: Mass and Fellowship Retreat

On August 5 through 6, Catholic singles are invited to escape the big city’s hustle and bustle and take part in the weekend of fellow and retreat in a quaint small town.

There are still many other events especially made for all Catholic singles. It is just up to you to choose which of these occasions will suit you best. But the most important thing is that at the end of the day, you know that you will be getting something great out of these events that will be worthy to remember.