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What a Good Catholic Looks Like

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man prayIt can be a bit confusing to know what a good Catholic really is, especially now that social media and blogs are all over the place. If you are curious to know how to be a good Catholic yourself, there are a few things that you can do to practice your faith properly.


Your prayer must be meant to develop an intimate relationship with Christ Himself. Basically, there are a lot of ways for you to pray, which include the Rosary, prayers of the Mass, prayers you memorized when you were still a child and even a simple sitting down and imagining that Jesus is there beside you and you are talking to him. This prayer, just like the rest of the prayers, serves as your response to the love that God showered on you. This is most appropriate when you receive the Eucharist, which is the highest form of prayer. Make sure that you use every form of prayer available.


It is a must that you know more about your faith. The parish offers several ways on how to do this through the religious education classes. You can look for good Catholic source and learn the things happening in different churches all over the world. Look for answers to your questions as a way to immerse yourself in the faith. You can also put some religious symbols in your house. This is a great way to fight for the survival of the faith.

Be Generous

When you speak of being generous, it means that you should not only be generous with the parish but also with your friends, neighbors and even the people that you don’t particularly like. Jesus taught that the Father sends the rain on both bad and good and that people must be perfect in the same way that the heavenly Father is perfect.


Don’t forget to proclaim about heaven’s kingdom. As state in the Gospel, Jesus has sent out his twelve apostles to serve as an example for people. According to St. Peter, people must be prepared to make defense to someone who calls them to account for the hope in them but do so with reverence and gentleness. A good Catholic is someone who evangelizes with humility and faith.

There are several good tips of evangelization. For one, you must never argue. Arguing will only build walls and breed emotions. When you win, the other person will lose and this is the end of the communication most of the time.

Second, you have to decide right up front to love that person you deal with. To love the other is specifically important between couples who are separated by religion.

Then, show the joy of the Lord in your life and ask God to bring someone else who will influence the other person for the faith. The whole job of conversion must not be left on your shoulders. Never consider this as a race you can win alone. Ultimately, conversion is the Holy Spirit’s job. This is a long term process so seek help.