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Which Catholic Dating Site Is Right for Me?

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catholic singles' love hugThe biggest benefit of Catholic dating sites is the fact that these offer a bigger pool of potential partners. If you are searching for the best site that will suit your needs, you might want to learn some of the good choices that you can find today.

However, before anything else, you have to remember that Catholic dating sites have their own set of weaknesses and strengths. On the other hand, these can make morals and faith central to the whole matching process. These sites facilitate both the learning and talking about the faith. One weakness that they have is that their number of users is relatively small.

Catholic dating sites basically function similarly with the general dating websites complete with profiles, messaging systems, and search options. They supplement and help people find the perfect matches through offering advice columns and articles regarding the catholic faith.

Catholic Match

Catholic Match is being run by Acolyte, LLC and this seems as the biggest site with around 200,000 users. The site’s perspective is being expressed through the seven questions that everyone should answer once they have finished setting up their profile. Basically, these questions are focused on the Eucharist, contraception, premarital sex, papal infallibility, life issues, holy orders and Mary. You can answer all these questions through agreeing, not agreeing or slightly agreeing, with the answers being used for finding potential matches.

Catholic Mingle

Catholic Mingle boasts of an extensive Catholic audience. Its main goal is to bring together the like minded singles of Catholic faith and make them comfortable as they express themselves as both a single and a Catholic. Catholic Mingle has more than 100,000 users. This is being run by SparkNetworks that competes with the general dating websites through operating several niche sites, including ChristianMingle, BlackSingles and JDate meant for Jews which also happen to be their most famous website.

Ave Maria Singles

The one website which is a bit different than the first two Catholic dating sites is Ave Maria Singles. This focuses on a very particular Catholic audience. The site pledges to provide a service that is solely dedicated to helping the practicing faithful Catholics in finding their future partner and help them to become a better follower of Christ. This site is for the Catholics who can marry in the Church and don’t approve of the use of contraception. The members have discerned a certain vocation to sacramental marriage although they haven’t found yet the perfect person. The site of Ave Maria Singles provides a bit different plan for payment than the rest, with a onetime fee which allows a permanent access to the website. The result of the approach is a very active membership that is only more than 10,000 members.

Even though this list of Catholic dating sites is not that exhaustive, hopefully, this will provide you with some sense of the type of sites that you can find today as well as their usefulness and popularity.